licence number TS/0082/ANBOR- STAR RATED

Star Vale Cattery is a cat only boarding establishment ensuring a stress free  experience for your four legged friend. Your cat is having a holiday just like you so we spoil them with lots of attention and treats at bedtime!

catteryWe do not mix cats belonging to different owners and we provide scratch poles and toys, although you are welcome to bring your own.

We maintain a consistent cleaning regime every day so please be rest assured that your cat’s well being is our top priority. Everything will be done to ensure that their stay is as happy and stress free as possible. We have heat pads for the penthouse apartments for extra comfort.

All our cats runs are 6 feet long giving your feline friend plenty of space to stretch their legs and the cattery is in the countryside with common land on 3 sides offering  your cat a peaceful and lovely environment when boarding with us.

Dropping Off and Picking Up, Vaccinations, Prices and Medication

beds (2)Dropping your cat off and picking up times are:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday – 8am to 10am and 5pm to 7pm

Tuesday and Thursday- 8am to 9.30 and 5pm to 7pm

All cats must be vaccinated against flu and enteritis, booster vaccinations are required annually and a certificate must be provided. If your cat arrives looking unwell we have the right to refuse entry.

Cats must be transported to Star Vale Cattery in a secure carrier box or basket, not carried in your arms or loose in your car.

We have 2 apartments available for disabled cats.

Our Prices: 

  • £10 per day. (24 hours)
  • £18 per day for 2 cats sharing.
  • £3 per day for walking your cat and of course all the TLC comes for free!

Please note that we can take cash, card or cheques as payment.

For cleaning purposes, you will be charged the day rate of £10 once your cat has entered the cattery.

All food must be provided by the cats owner, unless by prior arrangement and appropriate fee paid.

All forms of medication can be administered and must be provided with SPECIFIC instructions from the owner. We administer all medication to veterinary requirements.

Advance viewings are welcomed and encouraged for that added peace of mind. Please pop along and see what we do, that way you can see how happy our currents guests are and where your cat will be staying. To make sure we are here when you want to visit please call 01454 320230 or 07930985509.

Photos by Jo Egerton Photography